Counteroffers - Should you Accept or Decline?

Counteroffers - Should you Accept or Decline?

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Posted on December 04, 2021 at 11:30:43 AM

The one thing a job seeker can count on in this market is that when they resign from their current role, their employer will extend a counteroffer making the resignation process a daunting one.  Based on what I am seeing, right now companies are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at their employees to get them to stay.  Question is, should you stay?  Veteran recruiters like me will always say the answer is no!

  • If you were looking because of the lack of upward mobility in your current company that situation won’t change unless someone above you leaves. Most counter offers contain promises of promotions that a company may or may not have the ability to deliver on.
  • If your boss is a jerk, or if you work in a toxic environment, you box will still be a jerk and the environment won’t change you’ll just get paid more to continue working there.

I think this quote from Robert Half sums the topic up well.

“Counteroffers are typically a knee-jerk reaction or in desperation to keep a star performer,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “They are most often a tool to help the employer and not designed to help professionals advance their career.”

Here is what else Robert Half says:

“Your status as a potential deserter could also be a mitigating factor if the
company needs to make layoffs. Unlike the seemingly loyal employees
who appear to be team players, you were already dissatisfied, so you
could be more vulnerable to a cutback.”

“Also, what may appear to be a sweet deal could actually be just a temporary
 solution on your employer's end. There's a chance the company is only offering
 you more favorable terms until it can find someone else who can take over
 your responsibilities. Once your employer finds a replacement to fill your
 role, you may be expendable.”

Here is a link to the full article:


Robert Half also offers advice to employers regarding not extending counteroffers.  The link to the employer article appears below.



In the end, listen to your own gut instincts about whether to stay or go.  Your gut feelings are always correct.


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