I used Monica as one of my main recruiters for many years. She always presented candidates who could really do the job. She didn't waste my time with resumes that were inappropriate as many recruiters do. The people I hired as a result of Monica's presentations were always successful in the job for which Monica placed them. Moreover, she could see their potential for future jobs at my company and many of them lived up to that potential. She also understood my company's needs and philosophy, which is so important. I would recommend you hire her as your recruiter. 

Monica is a knowledgeable recruiter with a vast amount of experience in various industries. She consistently presented high-quality candidates and made it a point to understand the needs of the company and the hiring manager. Monica was readily available before a search, during a search, and after the search was complete. It is always a pleasure to deal with Monica.
Monica is a highly skilled professional recruiter. She knows her stuff! Monica's very thorough does her due diligence and is very loyal to her clients and her candidates. If Monica is representing you on a client search or a job search you can rest assured you are in good hands.


Monica possesses a vast scope of knowledge in search which makes it almost effortless for her to think creatively or outside of the box in a way that ultimately makes the most sense. She possesses an acute ability to identify talent potential and makes sure to plug both skill set and degree of interest into the big picture. When I went to her wanting to make a career change, she placed me at a company that was a seamless culture fit where, with Monica's guidance, I was able to advance rapidly. Her personality and demeanor made her a pleasure to work with and she willingly lends personal attention to the candidates she believes in - which, especially in her area of work, is invaluable. I would highly and enthusiastically recommend Monica. Dea

Monica supported me throughout the entire process and never pushed me to do or apply for anything with which I wasn't comfortable. She really looked at my skill sets and helped me organize and present them in such a way that even made me see more clearly how I would be a great candidate to rise to the challenges of the new position. I am so happy at my new job.

It was a pleasure working with Monica. She guided me and helped me with my resume, portfolio, and even with interviewing techniques. When you have someone like Monica behind you, you definitely gain more confidence in your skills. With her help, i was able to land a great opportunity and take my career to the next level. Thank you Monica! Jason

Monica is an attentive recruiter who listens to your needs and works diligently to understand what you are looking for. She maintains open and consistent communication throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend working with Monica! Amber

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